Everybody does it. Tooties, Farties, Bubbles, Passing Gas… It’s the common denominator of us all. Add humour to the mix and, well… Meet The Farties.

A fun-loving family full of gassy adventures who join people together and turn learning into fun! Told in humorous tales the characters make a lasting impression that children and the young-at-heart adore.

The Farties’ characters each add their own special flair with lessons on manners, morals and making good decisions.


The Farties are evolving!

From our humble beginnings of books and merchandise to many surprises coming soon! Please follow us on social media for our latest and greatest adventures!

We’re here to entertain kids of all ages through humour. Teaching our bodily functions can be cute, not crude.


Since 2009 The Farties have been featured in many forms! From books with their own “Fartie Sound Machine” to T-shirts and more, we have many ways to share the love of manners. Present The Farties merchandise as gag gifts, teaching tools or to make someone’s day FANNYtastic!

Great gifts for ALL ages… Teachers • Parents • Children • Doctors and Nurses • Colleagues • Bosses • Seniors… the possibilities are BOTTOM-less. 

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